Transformation That Makes the Best Use of Your Time

Our digital transformation workshops inspire your teams to innovate, plan effectively, and achieve the alignment and consensus you need to move forward. Every workshop is customized to meet your specific needs and situation and involves structured conversations, mind-opening discussions, and business-focused exercises designed to shake people’s misconceptions about digital technology and the role it plays in your business.

Experience Discovery
Learn how to think differently, move into new areas, and open new opportunities you may not even know existed, in areas such as:

  • Client/Industry research

  • Customer research

  • Competitor overview

  • Marketing optimization

  • Service ecosystems

Bring Your Ideas to Life
Construct your ideas into prototypes, so you can to test, learn, and continue to build on them. Sample outputs include: 

  • Wireframes

  • Storyboards

  • Design comps

  • Rapid prototyping

Two months of Work in Two Days
By gathering the right influencers and stakeholders from all levels of your organization, you can create instant alignment and a focused trajectory. Develop:

  • Business requirements

  • Process redesign

  • Opportunities matrix

  • Customer experience journeys

  • Customer personas

  • IT/ Data strategies

  • Organizational chart

  • Creative brief

  • Roadmap

How Do We Do It? 

Bringing everyone together without distractions. 

Parallel Processing
Working on multiple topics at once, even if they are dependent on each other. 

Carefully varying the length of sessions, materials used, and groups.

Combining things that don’t typically go together.

Creating multiple drafts of multiple outputs and layering in levels of detail.