Business & Technology Consulting

In today's market, digital strategy and business strategy are one and the same. 

Leveraging digital technologies is more than just an initiative—it’s crucial to staying relevant and profitable. Accelerating digital transformation must be the priority for any company hoping to compete in the future. To revolutionize the way your company works, Dais X starts with a solid digital strategy, and then we make it a reality.

Using technology to address your business challenges

Our established communities of expertise bring you industry knowledge and experience.

Business Consulting & Strategy Services
Developing and delivering executable strategies for enabling change.

Digital Transformation 
Set the stage for success. Achieve the alignment and consensus you need to move your project and your company forward.

Operating Models
Envision operating models, target information models and target architecture models to help you realize your transformational goals.

Business Process Design and Operations Modeling
Achieve process efficiency. Streamline operations for greater cost savings, faster time to market and increased productivity and efficiency.

User-Driven Strategy
Put the user first. Data visualization and multiple channel capabilities empower employees and meet increasingly sophisticated customer demands.

Work with Us 

Dais Consult is actively recruiting for the following positions:

  • Senior Consultant - Business Transformation 
  • Digital Consultant
  • Consultant - Business Technology

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